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'Award' for anti-CO2 lobbying

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BMW, Daimler and Porsche have won a ‘Worst EU Lobbying Award’ for their lobbying to water down and delay the EU’s obligatory CO2 emissions targets. The awards, which are organised by a group of NGOs who monitor corporate behaviour, were voted for by 6600 people across Europe in an on-line poll. The three car companies were joint winners alongide a German nuclear power lobbying organisation.

Baltic NOx

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Countries bordering the Baltic Sea have called for tighter international regulations to prevent a predicted sharp increase in emissions of nitrogen oxides from ships in the Baltic. In a letter to the International Maritime Organisation, the Helsinki Commission, which groups countries with a Baltic coastline, said the IMO must be strict when it approves new emission limits for NOx and sulphur oxides in March.

Traffic noise – a problem neglected for 40 years that must now be confronted

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Editorial by Nina Renshaw, T&E Policy OfficerIt’s strange how sometimes the most obvious problem is the one that is overlooked. One of the tasks the environmental movement has is to get people to understand the urgency of harmful emissions when there isn’t much tangible awareness of either those emissions or the problems they cause. By contrast, noise is a tangible problem, something we hear, especially when it keeps us awake. Yet at EU level, the problem of noise is a tale of severe neglect.