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Sustainable cities

Three cities have been given awards for the best sustainable urban mobility activities and progress in Europe. Gent (B), Nantes (F) and Sutton (GB) were described as the most outstanding, ambitious and innovative cities of 2009 by Civitas, an initiative for city vitality and sustainability.

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And finally ...

Having campaigned for years against road transit traffic, T&E member organisation The Alpine Initiative asked 50 lorry drivers what exactly they were transporting through Switzerland's Gotthard road tunnel. The answers ranged from car tyres, disposable nappies and felt, to cigarette filters and even caps for toothpaste tubes.

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China and India blocking aviation-shipping emissions deal

A deal on including aviation and shipping emissions in the Copenhagen climate agreement is being blocked by China, India, Saudi Arabia and The Bahamas (1). Failure to include the two sectors (known collectively as bunker emissions) puts at risk both a major source of climate funding for developing countries and the long term success of climate reduction targets say environmental organisations.

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