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The EU must not hand over more powers to Geneva

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Editorial by Jos Dings, Director

There’s an old joke that says the EU would not be allowed to be a member of itself. This is because it insists that all member states must have parliaments whose workings are open to the public, but the EU’s main decision-making body, the Council of Ministers, meets behind closed doors.

Is emissions trading reducing appeal of ‘green taxes’?

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The idea of ‘green taxation’ appears to be losing
popularity, and the growing appeal of emissions trading may be responsible. The EU’s statistical office Eurostat says green taxes measured as a proportion of GDP fell to an eight-year low of
2.5% in 2007, with taxation on transport accounting for just a quarter of that.

More scrappage

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Politicians in Germany have raised the subject of expanding the funds for the country’s car ‘scrappage’ scheme for a second time.

Shipping negotiations may sink global climate ambition

A meeting in London next week will be the last chance for the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to set out how it plans to meet its responsibilities under the Kyoto Protocol to control and reduce emissions from international shipping, before the crucial UN climate conference in Copenhagen in December.