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Natura 2000

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A number of sites in the Alpine, Mediterranean and Macaronesian regions have been given added environmental protection by being added to the Natura 2000 list. Transport infrastructure can still be built through Natura 2000 sites, but the planning process is much more complex.

Good news stories

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The European Environment Agency has published a report highlighting six ‘success stories’ within the road transport sector on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and producing parallel benefits such as noise reduction and improved air quality. The report takes the successes from the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Great Britain, and says they could be models for similar projects elsewhere as part of the EU’s greenhouse gas reduction efforts.

VW to clean Porsche?

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Observers of progress on car emissions reductions are watching carefully to see if Porsche’s acquisition of a majority stake in Volkswagen could lead to Porsche claiming ‘its’ vehicles are leaner without the company doing anything.