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T&E: 20 years and still pushing for smart solutions to Europe's transport problems

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Editorial by Ulla Rasmussen, T&E President

For a new organisation to take off, you need a good idea. But that’s just the start; setting up – and sustaining – a campaigning organisation takes a great deal more than just having a good idea. One needs a clear vision, funding, people to do the groundwork and shepherd it through the early years. For these reasons alone, T&E’s 20th birthday is something worth celebrating – but there's a lot more to smile about than just surviving two decades.

First climate change commissioner targets lorries and cars for emissions cuts

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The EU’s new climate change commissioner is promising an initiative on reducing carbon dioxide emissions from lorries, and says the existing agreement to reduce CO2 emissions from new cars could be tightened to provide greater incentives to car makers.

Securing the legislation is only half the battle

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Editorial by Kerstin Meyer, T&E Policy Officer

It was Germany’s ‘iron chancellor’ Otto von Bismarck who once said, ‘Laws are like sausages – it is better not to see them being made. This quote is not only true for the making of EU laws but also for what happens after they have been decided. Because making the law is only half the battle.

A Sustainable Future for Transport: Response to the European Commission Consultation

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The triple challenges of climate, squeezes on public finances and the need to grow jobs will mean the EU and its member states will have to reinvent transport policy. The sector will have to be decarbonised but without public money.

White paper targets missed

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The EU has been accused of missing targets put forward in the 2001 Common Transport Policy. A study from the University of Leeds says the 2001 white paper promised sustainable mobility, but progress made in greening transport over the past 10 years have been limited. The study, which was carried out for the Community of European Railways says limited progress has also been made in revitalising the rail sector, with achievements largely restricted to intramodel competition.

Barroso’s decarbonisation aspiration should be welcomed; but now let’s see the detail

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Editorial by Ulla Rasmussen, T&E President

After a long summer of uncertainty, José Manuel Barroso has been reappointed in his post of Commission president for another five years. And in his one statement on transport, he has hit the nail right on the head.