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Will it be more trucking (and polluting) or more efficiency?

Jos Dings, director of T&E writes in today's Financial Times:
Stefan Lorentzson of Volvo (Letters, March 22), seems to suggest that Europe should stop promoting road charging schemes for trucks because "higher charges for road will not result in the desired shift to rail". But this reasoning fails to acknowledge one of the main additional benefits of road charging, namely the dramatic improvements in the efficiency of the road haulage industry that result.

Air Ticket Tax Will Benefit Environment

The air ticket tax under discussion at an international aid conference in Paris this week, will have environmental benefits according to T&E, Europe’s principal sustainable transport organisation. From July, a French ‘air solidarity tax’ will add an estimated 1% to ticket prices, resulting in a reduction of demand for air travel of 1% with a corresponding reduction of 1% in harmful emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

T&E Position Paper on Aviation Ticket Taxes

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This position paper has been published in response to enquiries from stakeholders and the media about the potential for environmental benefits resulting from the French government’s proposed “airline-ticket solidarity tax” which will be introduced in July 2006 to raise development funds.

Lorry Tolls Vote Delays Inclusion of Health And Environment Costs

T&E regrets today’s European Parliament vote on rules that govern lorry tolls because Member States will be prevented from including environmental and health costs for several years. T&E now urges Member States to introduce tolls that take advantage of the limited environmental benefits that the new rules could bring, now that some of the worst restrictions of the current scheme will be lifted.