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Effectiveness of EU tyre label scheme will depend on retailers

The European Parliament has approved a new energy efficiency, safety and noise labelling scheme for new tyres. Transport & Environment says the label is a step forward but much will now depend on national authorities being strict on implementing the scheme.

Road noise and blood pressure

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A Swedish study says a quarter of European people live near roads where noise levels are likely to raise blood pressure to risky levels. A team from the University of Lund found that the risk of high blood pressure rose by more than 25% with noise levels above 60 decibels, putting them at risk of heart disease and stroke. The studay, which was based on a sample of just under 28,000 people, is published in the Environmental Health Journal.

EU punctures tyre efficiency label plan

Sustainable transport campaigners and consumer groups have jointly criticised a last-minute EU deal on a new energy efficiency, safety and noise label for vehicle tyres. The latest legal text, set to be finalised on Thursday, would effectively turn the scheme into a voluntary programme, with no clear rules on how or where the labels should be displayed.

The EU must not hand over more powers to Geneva

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Editorial by Jos Dings, Director

There’s an old joke that says the EU would not be allowed to be a member of itself. This is because it insists that all member states must have parliaments whose workings are open to the public, but the EU’s main decision-making body, the Council of Ministers, meets behind closed doors.