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EU green light for lorry pollution charges

The EU has reached an agreement on revised road charging rules for lorries (the Eurovignette directive) that would open the door for Member States to charge for air and noise pollution in road tolls but introduces a loophole for lorries under twelve tonnes. The deal was finalised last night in 'trialogue' discussions between the European Commission, Council and Parliament.

Dutch plan to authorise extra long trucks is illegal, dangerous and won’t cut emissions

Transport & Environment (T&E) strongly criticises the announcement today by the Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Environment Melanie Schultz Van Haegen to allow trucks up to 25 meters long and 60 tonnes in weight to operate across the Dutch road network (1).  EU law currently restricts the length of lorries to a maximum of 18.75m and 40-44 tonnes.

Mettre en œuvre la Directive sur la qualité des carburants

Ce briefing fournit une vue d'ensemble des mesures de réduction des émissions dues au transport dans la Directive européenne sur la qualité des carburants. Plus particulièrement, il examine l'importance qu'il y a à assigner des valeurs carbone plus élevées aux sources de carburant dont l'intensité carbone est plus forte, comme les sables bitumineux et le CTL (coal-to-liquid).

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