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Threat to EU tyre safety rules could cost lives

The EU risks endangering road safety and creating additional carbon dioxide emissions following calls to weaken the technical details of new EU rules for car tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). EU member state officials will meet with the European Commission on Tuesday to discuss whether to approve weaker standards backed by the global car industry with the support of some Member State governments led by Germany and current EU Presidency holder, Sweden.

Car makers’ performance makes case for van limits

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The latest figures on how car makers are reducing carbon dioxide emissions from new cars highlight rapidly differing performances among the main manufacturers. But the pattern of those differences shows that the forthcoming obligatory CO2 limits are leading to changes in the automotive industry, which has led T&E to intensify its call for the EU to introduce CO2 limits for light commercial vehicles.

Finance ministers hold back progress on aviation and shipping climate talks

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The idea that December’s Copenhagen climate change summit should set specific greenhouse gas reduction targets for aviation and shipping has made only modest progress at the latest round of UN preparatory talks held in Bangkok earlier this month.

Barroso’s decarbonisation aspiration should be welcomed; but now let’s see the detail

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Editorial by Ulla Rasmussen, T&E President

After a long summer of uncertainty, José Manuel Barroso has been reappointed in his post of Commission president for another five years. And in his one statement on transport, he has hit the nail right on the head.

New lending criteria needed

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The NGO network CEE Bankwatch says the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development urgently needs to reduce its carbon-heavy investments in new motorways and air travel, and instead promote transport that assists the transition to a low-carbon economy. Its comments come in a consultation by the Bank on how it decides its transport lending in central and eastern Europe. Bankwatch also says the Bank’s ‘private sector at just about all costs’ approach is leading to bad lending decisions, and it should ensure that railway restructuring does not become a misleading term that takes trade off the rails because of higher costs.