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Report for Commission confirms carbon-intensity of tar sands

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Two new reports have put a figure on how much more carbon-intensive fuels derived from tar sands are, compared with conventionally produced fuels. These reports were prepared for the Commission, which has up to now used the absence of scientific data as a reason for not recognising the excessive contribution these unconventional fuels make to climate change.

First target for transport in EC sustainability strategy

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The Commission has published its sustainability strategy for the EU, and it includes a cautiously-worded target for transport to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 60% in the period 1990-2050. This is the first time Brussels has put an overall reduction target for the whole transport sector on the table.

Commission delays action that will determine best biofuels

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Despite a massive bank of evidence showing that the EU’s biofuels policy could cause more greenhouse gases than it saves, the Commission has decided to delay by at least six months any action on the phenomenon known as indirect land-use change (Iluc). T&E has said this is not only bad for the environment, but creates damaging uncertainty for the biofuels industry.

China more ambitious than EU on climate

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A leading climate consultancy says the EU can no longer say it has the most ambitious and influential energy and climate policy in the world. Analysing draft targets on energy efficiency and climate change in China’s next five-year plan, the E3G consultancy says China’s intentions are more ambitious than the EU’s.

Tar sands: T&E lodges complaint over access to documents

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Transport & Environment and ClientEarth have written a letter to the European Ombudsman complaining over the repeated failure, by the European Commission, to fulfil an access to documents request concerning tar sands, their associated carbon dioxide emissions and how the latter would be dealt with in the revision of Article 7A of the Fuel Quality Directive.

European Commission buries new data on tar sand impacts

Canadian pressure for u-turn on EU clean fuel law

A scientific report (1) for the European Commission, published online yesterday and then immediately withdrawn, has confirmed that carbon emissions from Canadian tar sand oil production are 'significantly higher than...industry-average emissions from conventional fuels'.

EU postpones cleanup of biofuels policy again

Hopes of a sustainable future for EU biofuels policy have been dealt a blow following the European Commission’s decision to delay a critical decision on how to account for the impacts of ‘indirect land use change’ (ILUC). Environmental groups BirdLife Europe, the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and T&E are calling for the immediate revision of biofuel sustainability criteria to take ILUC impacts into account.