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Challenge to EU as California accepts land use impact of biofuel production

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California has raised the bar on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport by approving the world's first law that takes into account the indirect changes in land use caused by the production of biofuels. T&E has challenged the EU to follow California's example.

So how much will really change under President Obama?

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Guest column by Dr Alan C Lloyd, president of The International Council on Clean Transportation, USA

The election of an American president with a much stronger environmental agenda has increased the likelihood that more favourable climate policies will come from the USA in the next four years.

New study on impact of fuel efficiency on oil prices could change thinking

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A new study commissioned by T&E has suggested that current thinking about the fuel consumption of vehicles has left out an important element – the impact of fuel efficiency standards on the price of oil. The report could change the way governments, politicians and the EU views the pricing of transport.