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Climate battle needs 'massive decarbonisation' but could bring 'substantial benefits'

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An intense programme of 'Green Growth' would bring substantial benefits, according to the World Energy Outlook's 2009 report. It says the global financial crisis has stopped the rise in fossil-energy use, but only temporarily and the long-term growth will resume soon.

China and India blocking aviation-shipping emissions deal

A deal on including aviation and shipping emissions in the Copenhagen climate agreement is being blocked by China, India, Saudi Arabia and The Bahamas (1). Failure to include the two sectors (known collectively as bunker emissions) puts at risk both a major source of climate funding for developing countries and the long term success of climate reduction targets say environmental organisations.

Effectiveness of EU tyre label scheme will depend on retailers

The European Parliament has approved a new energy efficiency, safety and noise labelling scheme for new tyres. Transport & Environment says the label is a step forward but much will now depend on national authorities being strict on implementing the scheme.

EU proposes global aviation and shipping targets for Copenhagen

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The EU has proposed a specific global agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from aviation and shipping, but it has stepped back from committing the money that could be the key to making it happen. Last month, EU environment ministers agreed to put forward a proposal to cut emissions from aircraft by 10% and from shipping by 20% over the next 10 years (relative to 2005). The proposal, which has been approved by EU heads of government, is now a negotiating mandate for next month’s international climate change summit in Copenhagen.

Vans regulation carries fingerprints of strong industry lobbying

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Europe’s first legislation to limit carbon dioxide emissions from new vans has been published by the Commission. Although a significant development, the draft regulation has the fingerprints of fierce lobbying by the automotive industry, and even the EU’s environment commissioner regretted its reduced level of ambition.