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Letter to Barroso on the urgent need to address the Iluc issue

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BirdLife International, the European Environmental Bureau, Transport and Environment, Greenpeace and Wetlands International have written to the Commission president Barroso to urge the EC to give due consideration to the latest studies on indirect land use change from biofuels and to come up with a long overdue proposal to tackle the issue.

EU scientists confirms bio-energy accounting error

A major carbon accounting flaw in EU legislation whereby biofuels used in transport and biomass used for power generation are counted as ‘zero emissions’ will have “immense” consequences for the environment. This is the key finding of a report published on Friday by the Scientific Committee of the European Environment Agency, a top EU advisory body (1)

A first step: The IMO's regulation of shipping emission

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Guest commentary by T&E's Bill Hemmings on Point

Last month’s decision at the IMO to adopt an Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) for new ships was a significant first step to address GHG emission from international shipping but it cannot be seen as a solution on its own.

Shipping becomes first industry with global climate standard

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Shipping has become the first industry to agree a global carbon dioxide reduction strategy. This month’s vote at the International Maritime Organisation approved the establishment of an Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) for new ships. T&E welcomed the decision, but says it cannot be seen as a solution on its own, especially because the EEDI will take many years to be truly effective.

EU emissions figures show cars are getting heavier again

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The European car fleet is getting heavier again, partly because the EU’s carbon dioxide standards are more lenient for heavy cars than for light cars. That is one of the conclusions from new data published by the EU last month. Average CO2 emissions from new cars fell by 3.7% in 2010, but without the rise in overall weight, the reduction would have been around 5%.

Shipping shows aviation that climate action can happen

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Opinion By Jos Dings - T&E DirectorThis edition of the Bulletin is somewhat special. You will have seen it is the 200th, after exactly 20 years of operation. But it is also special because it is one of the few in which both aviation and shipping take centre stage. And because a divide between them is emerging. It is becoming increasingly clear that, while in the shipping sector the global community can actually take occasional steps forward, in aviation it is still the same old sad story of trying to stop progress from happening. Or even worse, trying to reverse it.