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Analysis: Aviation and Shipping Emissions after Copenhagen

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The outcome of the Copenhagen summit proved extremely disappointing as regards international aviation and shipping emissions. Although more discussion amongst countries on bunker fuels at the UNFCCC occurred in the past three months than during the last ten years, it proved impossible to bridge the continuing differences.

Cut out EU loopholes to avoid an electric shock

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The EU is in danger of wasting the potential for electric cars to cut greenhouse gas emissions. That's the main conclusion of a new report by T&E which warns that promoting electric cars in isolation will not only under-use the environmental benefits but could lead to more carbon dioxide emissions than if no electric cars were produced. The report makes three clear recommendations for changes to EU policy and thinking.

Climate battle needs 'massive decarbonisation' but could bring 'substantial benefits'

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An intense programme of 'Green Growth' would bring substantial benefits, according to the World Energy Outlook's 2009 report. It says the global financial crisis has stopped the rise in fossil-energy use, but only temporarily and the long-term growth will resume soon.