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Absurdity of the scrapping incentives and threats

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The current fashion among Europe’s politicians seems to be providing financial incentives to scrap old cars and replace them with new ones. It is being dressed up as an environmental measure, despite evidence that it can do more harm than good, and in Germany it has led to two absurd developments.

External cost charging moves closer in Eurovignette review

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The principle of charging heavy vehicles for the ‘external costs’ they cause has been approved by MEPs in their response to the Commission’s proposed revision of the Eurovignette directive, but confusion still surrounds details of how member states can charge for the costs of congestion.

Ministers call for 'scrapping schemes' to be coordinated; T&E wants them scrapped

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EU economics ministers have asked the Commission to coordinate ‘vehicle scrapping schemes’ – taxpayer-funded payments to people who replace an old car with a new one. The schemes are being touted as environment-friendly, but T&E disputes this.

Has Icao not got the message or does it think it's immune?

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Editorial by Bill Hemmings

The image of a group of people standing on the narrow edge of a cliff is an analogy that seems to sum up current efforts to tackle the problem of harmful emissions from aircraft. Everyone knows that someone has to make a compromise, but if they move too far, they risk pushing themselves over the cliff, perhaps along with everyone else.