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Brussels and Gothenburg highlight difficulties of tackling congestion

The unofficial capital of Europe is the most congested city in Europe, according to the latest ranking of congested cities, but opinion sampling and a vote in Gothenburg suggest public willingness for tackling congestion is not great.

Tackling transport demand requires conviction, and sometimes a little ruthlessness

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Editorial by Chris Bowers, Editor, T&E Bulletin

The man who pioneered London’s congestion charge, Ken Livingstone, was the highest-profile speaker at last month’s T&E annual general meeting, which also celebrated T&E’s 20th birthday.

Environment zone 'reasonable'

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A legal challenge against Berlin's 'environment zone' has failed. Eleven citizens and Germany's biggest car club ADAC had challenged the ruling that prevented the most polluting vehicles from driving in the designated zone. But in a written verdict published last month, the judges said the environment zone was 'reasonable' to secure the 'protection of the public's health from air pollution'. The judgement could prevent the Hannover environment zone from being abolished, which is being sought by the environment minister of Lower Saxony.