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New evidence says oil industry does not need biofuels to meet CO2 fuel target

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A powerful new report suggest oil companies could achieve the EU’s wish for a 10% reduction in carbon dioxide from fuel production without using biofuels. T&E has spoken out to counter claims by the oil industry that it can do nothing to tackle CO2 from fuel other than through the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Nature sites at risk from EU transport projects

Over a thousand protected nature areas in Europe are under serious threat from high-profile EU-funded transport infrastructure projects according to a new report by BirdLife International, RSPB and other environmental groups [1], which was presented in the European Parliament today.

'Struggling' oil industry claims it will be destroyed by EU climate measures

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T&E Director Jos Dings writes in today's Financial Times:

European Union officials must be getting used to the familiar refrain they hear every time an industry sector is asked to cut carbon emissions. But when the latest industry to claim it will be “destroyed” by a flagship European climate policy also happens to be one of the richest and most influential, its arguments warrant a closer look.