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'Flawed' report on gigaliners

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A report by a Belgian consultancy TML says allowing 60-tonne lorries to use EU roads would bring economic, environmental and safety benefits. However, the report has been criticised by environmental and rail groups who say the modelling used by TML is flawed, as it underestimates the rebound effect on transport demand, so allowing the bigger lorries, often referred to as ‘gigaliners’, would have no overall environmental benefits.

New global energy agency

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A new global agency to promote the development and use of renewable energies was launched last month by 50 nations. The International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena) is intended as a counterweight to the International Energy Agency, which is seen by many as focusing too heavily on traditional energy sources, and the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Velo-city 2009

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The ninth international 'Velo-City' cycling conference will take place in May in Brussels. It takes as its theme 'Re-cycling cities' and will concentrate on efforts to promote the bicycle as a valuable urban means of transport.