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Are young adults cool about cars?

A study by a market research company in America says today’s young adults are less keen to get their first car than their parents were. The company, JD Power, analysed hundreds of thousands of internet ‘conversations’ to work out what people born between 1980 and 2000 think today. One conclusion was that the growth of media communication such as email and social networking websites, along with rising fuel costs, have reduced the need for mobility. A senior official of JD Power said the research also picked up negative perceptions of the automotive industry, which could combine with the need for less mobility to reduce sales of vehicles.

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No new runway … yet

The campaign against a new runway at one of Europe’s busiest airports appears to have been won, at least in the short term. Earlier this year the British government gave approval to a third runway at London Heathrow, one of the three busiest airports in Europe. But the opposition Conservative party has been against it, and with the Conservatives looking likely to be elected to government in the spring, Heathrow’s owners have said they will not ask for formal planning permission until after the election.

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