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Emissions from land-use change must not be ignored

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Jos Dings writes in today's European Voice:
It is unfortunate, especially considering the millions of euros his company is spending on advertising its views on EU biofuel policy, that the president and CEO of Abengoa Bioenergy is apparently not aware of studies that calculate the impacts of land-use change on lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions from biofuel production.

Augustow by-pass ‘illegal’ but campaigners fear wetlands threatened by new scheme

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The highest administrative court in Poland has ruled that the controversial Augustow by-pass planned to cut through pristine and protected wetlands in the Rospuda Valley is illegal. But environmental groups are warning that the Polish government is trying to 're-brand' the route under a different road scheme.

The real story behind why a win:win directive is in danger

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Editorial by Jos Dings

What a month! We knew when the Commission proposed Europe's first mandatory emissions standards for new cars that getting the legislation passed would mean a bumpy ride, but the events of September really were dramatic. Yet how many people really understand what is behind this increasingly polarised issue?