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After all the good words on climate, it’s now getting uncomfortably specific

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Editorial by Jos Dings, T&E Director

A year ago, Europe was singing the praises of the low carbon economy, and how it would prepare us for a future where carbon would be contained. Angela Merkel had just persuaded her fellow EU leaders to sign up to the ‘20 20 2020’ package: 20% greenhouse gas reduction and 20% renewable energy by 2020.

24-25/04/2008 - T&E conference: Towards implementation of truck charges in Catalonia and Spain, opportunities of the revised Eurovignette Directive

Barcelona, 24-25 April 2008

T&E, kindly supported by the Catalan Transit Service and the Department of territorial policy and public works of the Government of Catalonia, will host a conference to discuss the feasibility of application of road charging for lorries in Catalonia and Spain. The programme aims to foster debate amongst logistics professionals, transport operators, public administration and NGOs. See for details and registration.