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Environmental NGOs urge Barroso to tackle biofuel concerns

The European Commission must give due consideration to the latest scientific results on indirect land use change (ILUC) when assessing biofuels' sustainability and come up with a long overdue legislative proposal that gives each feedstock a specific ILUC factor that reflects their real CO2 emissions. This is the message of a letter from BirdLife International, ClientEarth, the European Environmental Bureau, Transport and Environment, Greenpeace and Wetlands International to the European Commission president.

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Shipping becomes first industry with global climate standard

Shipping has become the first industry to agree a global carbon dioxide reduction strategy. This month’s vote at the International Maritime Organisation approved the establishment of an Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) for new ships. T&E welcomed the decision, but says it cannot be seen as a solution on its own, especially because the EEDI will take many years to be truly effective.

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New biofuels legal action shows ‘access to information’ rules are not working

The Commission is being taken to court for the third time over an alleged failure to release information regarding the environmental impact of biofuels. The latest action relates to information about voluntary certification schemes that could play a major part in determining which biofuels are judged to be sustainable. T&E says the lawsuit shows that the Commission is failing to comply with EU ‘access to information’ rules.

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