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A 20-year wait for a disappointing revision of vehicle noise limits

The Commission has published its long-awaited proposals on reducing noise from cars, vans, buses and lorries, but the vast majority of cars already meet the first stage of the stricter limits, and almost a quarter meet the second stage. T&E says the proposals should have gone ‘farther and faster’, and has called for a third stage in the timetable in order to create an incentive for quieter vehicles.

Car industry split over response to 2020 emissions target

The process that will confirm how Europe’s 2020 emissions target for new cars should be reached has begun, with the leaders of Europe’s car makers greeted by a ‘Star Wars’ style protest. The current limit for new cars is 130g of carbon dioxide per kilometre to be achieved by 2015, and Europe has a target of 95 g/km for 2020.

New fuel consumption report counters ‘unaffordable’ claims for cleaner cars

Cars sold in Europe are getting more fuel-efficient and also cheaper, thereby countering industry claims that obligatory fuel efficiency standards would put cars out of reach of buyers. That is the main message of T&E’s 2011 report into progress made by Europe’s car makers on reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The report confirms that Fiat, Toyota and Peugeot-Citroën remain the makers whose cars emit less CO2.

EU emissions figures show cars are getting heavier again

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The European car fleet is getting heavier again, partly because the EU’s carbon dioxide standards are more lenient for heavy cars than for light cars. That is one of the conclusions from new data published by the EU last month. Average CO2 emissions from new cars fell by 3.7% in 2010, but without the rise in overall weight, the reduction would have been around 5%.