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Time to start using less of the black stuff

Opinionby Nina Renshaw - T&E Deputy Director
As oil prices have risen in recent months, politicians and commentators across the EU have begun calling for all kinds of non-solutions such as lowering petrol taxes, encouraging oil states to raise production and dipping into strategic reserves. It seems once again that the most obvious strategy – using less of the black stuff – is so obvious that it is not even considered.

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Paris to trial first city centre car ban

Paris is set to become Europe’s first city to test a complete ban on high-consumption vehicles entering the city centre. The test continues a trend aimed at improving urban air quality by limiting vehicle’s access to urban centres, but the EU’s environment commissioner insists there will be no review of the national pollutant emissions ‘ceilings’ until 2013 at the earliest.

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Has passenger travel peaked?

Two academics from California are suggesting that passenger travel may have peaked nearly 10 years ago. The two, Lee Schipper and Adam Millard-Ball, studied the demand for car ownership and general travel in eight leading economies (USA, CDN, GB , SWE, FRA, GER, JPN, AUS) between 1970 and 2008.

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